xwacky (xwacky) wrote,

SPN Fic Rec

I read a lovely missing scene co-written by triquetralmoon and wave_obscura called The Ache.

Summary:  Missing scene from 6.01. hurt!sick!Dean This will probably be Kripke'd immediately, but - it gets inside Sam's head.

My Note: it has my favorite theme which is hurt!Dean + protective!Sam. It's GEN, although the Sam here is quite possessive about Dean too. Also I adore the line Sam said to the curious cousin Gwen who was a tad too obsessed about Dean's "delicate features" (I wonder if anyone can guess which one it is). Oh, there's callback to Dean's resemblance to Mary from Samuel as well so it's not a wonder I loved it so much.
Tags: recs, spn fic, supernatural
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