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SPN Promo Icons...

Here's my dab in the icon making after seeing the latest promotional pictures for Supernatural. I'm very much a novice at this, so criticisms are much appreciated.



Plus a couple of alternatives I couldn't quite make up my mind about them:


[1-6, 10] texture by meathiel
[7-9, 11-12] texture by ohfreckle
* Comments welcome
* credit appreciated


Nov. 12th, 2010 09:13 am (UTC)
So sorry it took me so long to respond. I've had a busy week. I wish I could spend more time catching up with LJ. I have a list of places I want to "stalk", and yours is on the very top!

Oh, don't worry a single bit about it! I do know a thing a two about 'busy' :) It's great you still managed the time to respond. Thanks!

One of the reasons I'm more okay with the whole soulless!Sam scenario, as opposed to Lucifer!Sam, let's say, is 'cause it does have a potential to provide for some compelling fodder drama in terms of Dean's character development. How is Dean to deal with thus 'enhanced' Sam? How long can Dean go on side by side with a brother who doesn't care to *care* anymore? Can he bring himself to love Sam still? Sure enough, Dean's love for Sam is an integral part of his personality, but so is the need to be loved back. So I'm really looking forward to some delicious angst here.

I did have an impression Dean turning a vamp in "...Twihard" was more of a plot device to advance most of the plot-lines where the writers need them at the crux of the season - 'Sam-came-back-wrong-and-heartless', there're Alphas to all the monster species and 'they have a Plan', Dean has burnt all bridges and has nowhere to walk away to from what's going on with Sam - than the exploration proper of 'monstrous humanity'. But I can see your concern too. Especially since the Alpha Vamp specifically pointed out that Dean was his *son*, however briefly. Wonder if this's gonna pan out further.
The kind of development I could put up with in this respect, given proper execution, would be Dean's vampire experience as a ruthless 'perfect animal' (upon having taken out the whole damn nest singlehahndedly) as *possibly* instrumental to connect to Sam's current state of mind and state of zero-soul, somehow. For unless Dean figures out a way to forge a working relationship with Sam 2.0, founded on some semblance of common ground, I'm pretty sure he's going to snap fairly soon.

Lucky me, for I, apparently, just complied fairly early on (as early as the Miniseries, to be honest) that it's not necessary for me to *like* Kara's character (or for her character to come across likable, for that matter) in order to perceive it as an integral part of the plot and conflict framework. However the show, indeed, tried very hard to tip the scales on the 'likability' factor, what with destiny, and alleged badassery, and angelic undertones in the end, I can give it that. Just never quite worked for me as a viable or endearing character development.
Oddly enough, I've always kinda perceived Dean as fitting Lee's 'profile' more than Starbuck's. Promiscuity and attitude aside, Dean's all 'Big Brother', 'bleed your heart out for the ones you deem family', 'wrench your heart over the wrongdoings of the world and your own', 'deem yourself a worthless, hopeless frak-up, whence you're anything but', 'do-it-rigt even if it kills you', 'earn your father's pride but never quite unconditional love', 'long for normal and happily-ever-after, yet believe yourself inapt to pull it off'. Of course, the character parallels are not identical in any way (and if anything, Sam's AWOL-stint to law school, of all places, against daddy's wishes, rings a rather pronounced 'Apollo' bell as well *g*), but I've always managed to get a potent 'Lee'-vibe off Dean's characterization. One of the reasons to invest into Dean's character even more, for me.

Can't but agree on the Ben aspect here, as well. For indeed, 'biological' kinship won't add up anything more into Dean's perception of Ben, since Dean had 'appointed' the boy his son all the way back in 'The Kids Are Alright', regardless of genetics. Though I too enjoy Dean as a 'brother', foremost, and this season's premise leaves a vast scope of territory yet to be covered in this respect, still I do hope they don't abandon the Dean & Lisa/Ben story-line altogether, if for no other reason than it would supply a glaring plot-whole, rendering three seasons of Dean-longs-for-normal-and-family characterization underlying set-up pointless. And I wouldn't want any morsel of Dean's characterization to work for naught.

ETA: That userpic of yours is absolutely cracktastic! :)))

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