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A Small BSG Season 4 Spoiler

I just saw a small Battlestar Galactica season 4 spoiler at SyFy Portal.  I have to say that I'm a little annoyed at reading this piece of information.

Basically, the spoiler says that BSG is adding a new female character to the cast.  Her name is Kendra Taggert (same initial as Starbuck, coincidence? ) and she's a Major who was stationed on Pegasus.  Supposedly Major Taggert went a little loopy after the initial cylon attack (a la Starbuck?!)

I'm not thrilled at all that BSG would introduce a new character at this late stage.  Ron Moore had already said that the show is moving into its third act in a 3-act structured play.  I would much rather TPTB focus on the stories involving the main characters we all come to love and care about through out the years.

Also I'm a little annoyed at Ron Moore's propensity at recycling his ideas.  Case in point:  the much overly used flashbacks, the "head figures" that nobody else can see for multiple characters, the tendency to use intercut scenes, and now another loopy young female character...

I wonder if this new character is being setup to be the last cylon?  Why else introduce a new character when the story is moving towards its finale? *sigh*


May. 10th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
...so it was just one more tidbit in the deception campaign.

::rolls my eyes::

What phrase did Jamie use? ...Oh yeah, an absolute farce! Hee...

...so even if the new character is being introduced in the movie she could possibly be the element that ties the movie to season 4. Anything is possible at this point.

Hmmm... I wonder where are they going with this. To me the Pegasus story is done and over with--they've brought it to a satisfactory conclusion for me. Now go back and adding more story to it... I'm afraid there's gonna be another retcon that I won't like. It seems they can't just leave the "dead" be dead. I think this is the reason I find myself surprisingly lacking enthusiasm for this mid-hiatus movie they are making. {{sigh}}

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