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San Francisco Con Audio Files

I just got back home last night from attending Creation Con's Salute to Supernatural in San Francisco over the weekend. I had a blast, and am still in the process of uploading various stuff I recorded here and there. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot. As far as audio files go, I've only gotten around to record the J2 Panel and Richard Speight, Jr's panel on Sunday. I won't bore you with the reason why that is so (I'll do that in a separate con report;) Anyway, here they are -- my first offerings:

1) Listen to Jensen and Jared on Stage: (or download directly from here @ archive.org)
Because of operational error, I didn't quite get the J2 Panel in its entirety, only 42 minutes of it, but I did catch small segments of video clips here and there towards the end which I will put up as soon as I get them uploaded.

Merely listening to this recording, one may not be able to tell how in sync these two actors are on stage. For example, toward the beginning, it sounded like someone was playing drums. In fact, it was the two of them banging the butt of their mikes on the armrest of their chairs. One of them randomly started doing it, and the other immediately followed. Soon enough they got a beat going and it sounded like they rehearsed the whole thing, but it looked really spur of moment to me.

2) Listen to Richard Speight, Jr on Stage - Sunday: (or download directly from here @ archive.org)

Richard was awesome. I finally got to hear him on stage after I just missed him a couple of times in the past. I was quite amazed he was still so energetic despite his was the last panel of the weekend, and he had already been on stage once on Saturday. He was nice and exuberant through and through. He kept my interest up the entire time.

Tags: jared padalecki, jensen ackles, spn sf*con, supernatural
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