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I'm still upset at being robbed of the chance to watch an all new Supernatural last Friday. So to make myself feel better, I decided to do something fun. Sometimes last week, my google alert notified me this reader's poll result of the "Hottest Prime time TV Hunks List" (of which Jensen scored 6th place, and Jared is in 8th). Ha! This got me thinking that everyone is doing this type of list one way or another, why don't I put up one of my own? Especially when I hardly agree with those lists anyway. I guess this really counts as a meme because it reflects purely my taste over the decade, not swayed by ratings, box office sales, or other people's opinions. Just so it's clear, these are nothing but my own wacky obsessions. Oh, and it extended to both big and small screens.

10) Tahmoh Penikett

Tahmoh played Karl "Helo" Agathon on Battlestar Galactica. While Helo probably is my second least favorite character on the show, Tahmoh definitely is a hunk. And I'm not alone in holding this opinion. Awhile back my mom came to visit me. She never could understand my obsession with the series before, so one night, I was watching the show (I still remember the episode was "The Hub") and my mom walked by. There was a close up shot of Helo on my 52" screen, and my mom went: "Whoa! He's handsome! Now I understand why you can't stop talking about the show!" *facepalm* "Er... Mom, not quite the reason, but I get your point..."

9) Ray Stevenson

I confess I've never seen Ray other than his portrayal of Titus Pullo in Rome, one of my favorite historical fiction series. I've heard people say the heart and soul of the show is Pullo and Vorenus, two brothers in arms who are forced to give their allegiance to opposing sides while maintaining their loyalty to each other, and I couldn't have agreed more. Ray's co-star Kevin McKidd who played Lucius Vorenus didn't make my ten-list, but he would certainly make the "honorable mentions" if I ever get off my lazy butt and put that together.

8) Johnny Depp

Back in the days when I first saw Johnny in 21 Jump Street, I was enamored with his good looks. Little did I know that he would progress into an eccentric. And that's exactly what I love about Johnny -- his eccentricity and his seemingly careless disregard to his appearance. In my opinion, it takes character to get away with appearing in whichever way he pleases in public, and that's Johnny!

7) Ralph Fiennes

Credit: found on ecardmedia.eu

Ever since English Patient, I've fallen more and more in love with the type of characters Ralph often portrays on silver screens. In my opinion, he excels at playing those angst driven intellectual types. So much so that he was in my head the perfect candidate to play Robert Langdon in the adaptations of Dan Brown's novels. Thus to this day, I cannot bear to watch Da vinci Code nor Angels and Demons regardless what a famous actor Tom Hanks is.

6) James Callis

Here's another Battlestar Galactica alum. I think few would argue that James played superbly a smarmy, vain, yet oddly sympathetic and redeemable scientist who betrayed humanity unwittingly. My favorite Gaius Baltar scenes are when his conscience finally catches up with him. I love James' subtle depiction of Baltar when he realized his presidency at New Caprica is nothing but a puppetry and he was betraying humanity a second time. Also I was awed by James' layered portrayal in Cross Roads II just before and after Baltar was handed the verdict by the court.

5) Roy Dupuis

Credit: found on fanpop

Again, I've only seen Roy as Michael in Le Femme Nikita (1997-2001). I'm not exaggerating in saying Michael was the main reason I watched that show. Roy gave much needed credence and depth to the character. I literally cannot imagine Michael in any other form, physically or character wise. Too bad the show was canceled in 2001 because its network felt back then (pre 9/11), a show centered on anti-terrorism lacked audience. I'm not surprised Nikita gets a remake given spy shows are a dime a dozen these days (who says networks are a creative lot). However the new Nikita is nowhere comparable to the old one, and given it's on CW, I resolutely swear off the new show from now on.

4) Jared Padalecki

While I sometimes find Jared's character Sam Winchester on Supernatural problematic, there's no denying Jared is easily among the hottest looking guys in Hollywood. He not only has a sweetheart shaped face with adorable dimples to boot, framed by longish silky tresses; Jared also has an impressive physique to complete the package. And as if that's not enough, his acting skill has matured over the years starring opposite his on-screen brother Jensen Ackles. It's no secret that Jared's chemistry with Jensen is what made these Winchester boys' relationship intense but believable and oh so engaging.

3) Simon Baker

I became a fan of Simon since his turn at depicting Nick Fallin on CBS's The Guardian. I started watching the show because I happened to catch the end of an episode ("Feeding Frenzy") while channel surfing. The scene had Nick finally going to an AA meeting. The last frame of the scene was a head shot of him standing at the threshold of the doorway while his face displayed a myriad of emotions: reluctance, displeasure, guilt, and not the least of all, contrition. I didn't even know what the story was about, I was already intrigued by this complex character. From there on, I became obsessed with the show. To this day, Simon is the only actor who was able to sell an entire show to me from a less-than-a-minute scene. Of course, his blond hair, blue eyes, and killer smile didn't hurt either.

2) Jamie Bamber

Oh boy, I'm totally objectifying Jamie here. This is an outtake from 2006 People Magazine's Sexiest Men issue (where Jamie was listed as the sexiest man over the internet). Looking at him, it's quite obvious why he was placed on that list. But what's not obvious from this picture is Jamie's sexiness also comes from his brain. Graduated from Cambridge University and went on to study for some time at LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), Jamie's smart comes through his keen grasp at not only the character he plays, but also the "big picture" his character is a part of. I really enjoy listening to or reading Jamie's interviews. He is articulate at expressing his perspectives and summarizing the essence of the story he's trying to tell. Jamie's aptitude at presenting his point of views caused his BSG co-star Tricia Helfer once called him dialectic. And speaking of "speaking", Jamie is so skillful at disguising his accent that when I first heard his interview after I started watching BSG, I was utterly surprised at hearing Jamie speak his native British tongue. It's only fitting then that the character Jamie helped to create, Lee "Apollo" Adama from Battlestar Galactica, for all his humanly strength and flaws, is a fictional character I most admired in recent years!

1) Jensen Ackles

Ta da! Here's my #1. I actually had a hard time deciding which picture to use for Jensen. Not that it was hard to find a good picture of him, my problem was there were too many! The one I ended up using here is a fanart made from the December 13-19, 2010 TV Guide Cover. Too bad I don't know who the artist is. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can properly credit. It's ironic that Jensen's appearance was once a reason I held back from watching Supernatural. Back then when I only saw his pictures in promotional spreads, I thought no way a guy looking that good would possibly know how to act. Boy, was I taught a lesson on not judging a person by the look! True, Jensen has all the features of classic beauty: large anime-like eyes, straight nose, pouty lips framed by high patrician cheekbones and a perfect jawline. But more importantly, he also possesses a rare talent in his chosen profession. Seldom do I see a young actor who can nail light comedic scenes with the same knack as he does heavy emotional ones. And speaking of those dramatic scenes, Jensen always lends so much gravitas and nuance to his character. I love the fact that I never see him over or under act a scene, a feat I notice is hard to come by among most young actors. Therefore, it's no surprise that comparable to Lee Adama, Dean Winchester, Jensen's multi-faceted alter ego, captured my heart and is my most beloved fictional character of all time!
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