xwacky (xwacky) wrote,

View Page Source on Firefox

Haven't posted anything in my blog for a long while. Just when I want to pick it up again, I discovered things got moved around since my last Firefox upgrade. Specifically, I used to be able to view coded contents of web pages by selecting "View Source" item under the "View" menu. But that option seemingly disappeared.

After poking around a bit online, I discovered "View Source" option was not taken away but has been hidden, sort of. There are three ways to access it:

  • right-click in a blank space on the web page and select "View Page Source";
  • hidden short-cut: CTRL+U;
  • Tools > Web Developer > Page Source

Phew! Being able to view coded contents has been a valuable resource for me to learn from other people's nifty styles.
Tags: cliff notes, geek rant
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