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PCA Afterwards...

It's a day after People's Choice Award 2012 came to a conclusion. I'm still much infuriated at PCA organizer and show runner's obvious snub at Supernatural, winner of both Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite Scifi/Fantasy last night. So I went on their 2012 PCA Best Moments Best Dressed blog to give them a piece of my mind. This is what I said:

There is NO best moment because PCA organizers and show runners behaved like a bunch of spoiled immature high schoolers by snubbing one of its much deserved MAJOR award winners just because the said winner isn’t in with the “IN” and “IT” crowd!

The WORST moment goes to ignoring its FAVORITE NETWORK DRAMA category entirely. What does this say about an award show that doesn’t even give credit and respect to one of its major category?

This however does not take away the awesome double wins by SUPERNATURAL. No thanks to suits and pencil pushers, SUPERNATURAL, the quintessential “little show that could be” won these accolades because it won the hearts of its loyal fans. We the people chose the show to be our favorite, no slight from PCA and any party associated with it will change that.

Oh and you ask for Best Dressed? Why, it’s none other than Jensen and Jared dressed as Dean and Sam Winchester thanking fans for our support all the way from Vancouver!


Jan. 14th, 2012 03:12 am (UTC)
i think he sees the balance sheets from the $$ brought in thru international market, streaming (itunes, amaazon, netflix, etc) - then you've got the DVD and other licensed merch sales.
also, what on earth did they end up filling OUR timeslot with? nothing that would earn them any more $$.
i would imagine that "they" don't rely exclusively on the nielsens.

if they really wanted to, they could just limit voting to once per ip address.

the whole thing is really stupid -- on one hand, i take it they're trying to pander to a younger age group (i mean, look at the cheesy production, ala dawn ostroff, lol). so if that were the case, why make such a stupid judgement error by eliminating a major category.

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