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Seems I Am Not The Only One...

Originally posted by morgandawn at Seems I Am Not The Only One....
...who feels the need to take a break from an increasingly dysfunctional relationship.

ETA: Thanks to this astute comment left by sheeplikeme at felisblanco's related post SOPA, Megaupload and other scary things, my eyes are further opened on this issue. Here's what she said:

The people writing these bills don't understand the internet, the people supporting them don't, and the people lobbying for them are afraid of finding the new business model.

The statistics they are using to try and sway the public are so egregiously false and misused that it made me hulk out on my computer screen. They say 750,000 jobs had been killed and it cost the US economy 200-250 billion dollars a year. That sounds scary but its utter crap.

The 750,000 killed jobs comes from a 1986 speech (86, when the internet was still just an academic tool) and its in regards to counterfeiting. At the time that statistic was given, no one in the Commerce Department could figure out how the Secretary of Commerce even got that statistic.

That 200-250 billion a year? 1991. Just as obsolete. It wasn't a total cost of piracy to the US economy even, it was an unsourced estimate of the global counterfeit market.


That article goes over it in more detail. And below is another great read explaining SOPA and why its bad for everyone from someone in the film industry. It's written by one of the Castle editors.


I wish more people read the articles she linked (t)here. The first takes a much needed closer look at those figures quoted so enthusiastically by lobbyists and politicians; the second shows even the creative forces behind the entertainment industry understand the beneficial effects of an active online fan involvement on their work, and how SOPA/PIPA would all but kill such activities on the internet. Last but not the least, felisblanco's impassioned post spoke not just my feeling but also so many fangirls and fanboys' hearts.
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