View Page Source on Firefox

Haven't posted anything in my blog for a long while. Just when I want to pick it up again, I discovered things got moved around since my last Firefox upgrade. Specifically, I used to be able to view coded contents of web pages by selecting "View Source" item under the "View" menu. But that option seemingly disappeared.

After poking around a bit online, I discovered "View Source" option was not taken away but has been hidden, sort of. There are three ways to access it:

  • right-click in a blank space on the web page and select "View Page Source";
  • hidden short-cut: CTRL+U;
  • Tools > Web Developer > Page Source

Phew! Being able to view coded contents has been a valuable resource for me to learn from other people's nifty styles.
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WHAT?... Looks like 17th Precinct isn't picked up by NBC?!? (Source: here) I'm also a little surprised the network passed on Wonder Woman as well, but it's the former's pilot that I'm most disappointed I won't be able to watch. ::sniff::
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Fic Rec

I just read an amazing story by leonidaslion, who sadly has left LJ and found her new home at AO3.

Title: i have a rendezvous with death
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OC
Genre: Gen with strong hint of Bromance
Words: 13024 in one chapter
Summary: Harvie doesn't know what to make of the man who saved her, or his great, yellow-eyed hound, but one thing's for sure: there are stranger things in this rider-ridden world than haunts.

The story is unfolded from a third person (OC) POV in a post Apocalyptic world, therefore it is a future!fic. But it does delve into the past. I don't want to give anything away except to say the author is an amazing story teller (anyone who read her works knows that already), and she's really skilled at depicting a bleak and terrifying post Apocalyptic world -- not just with the horrifying monsters, but also with the appalling side of the surviving humanity. Though above all, she gave her readers hope in this bleak world through love, sacrifice, and redemption.