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Wacky Obsessions

The Flip Side of Passion


I can be obsessive, but not necessarily compulsive. I like to make my opinions known, but don't want to be argumentative. I have a spouse and a young child who give me inspiration and frustration alike. I don't necessarily love my job but I like what I do well enough. I live at a place I wouldn't trade for anywhere else.

I like to travel, indulge in culinary delight, and enjoy good reading. I aspire to improve my writings and learn more about Photoshop. I appreciate family & friends the most, but I can also go crazy on clothes, shoes, food, coffee, and wine...

For the sake of symmetry, I should also point out I abhor bigotry, rudeness, and bullies.

I ignore all the reality shows on TV, and only focus on a few well scripted dramas. I tend to like shows that are darker in nature. For the past decade, only three television series captured my obsession: The Guardian, Battlestar Galactica, and now Supernatural.

My favorite actors are Jamie Bamber, a London born Cambridge graduate whose brain is even sexier than his good looks; and Jensen Ackles, a Texas born and raised hottie whose talent for acting is as fine as his visage. I also think Ausie actor Simon Baker is charming, and he can single-handedly carry a show.

The number one rule is no bashing and wanking at my journal, please. Everyone is welcome to friend me, but I'm pretty boring. So if we don't share a common interest, it'd be pointless.

Please don't be offended if I don't friend back. I don't friend unless I've read your comments or entries, and find myself genuinely interested in what you have to say. I don't expect everyone I friended friend me back either.

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